Hello world

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Kenny talks about exams ,cbse and punishments! hilarious as always. Indians can relate to this video. That’s what is so good about Kenny’s videos, anyone can relate to them!

The Bible

This video is just for fun. Ricky Gervais makes fun of the bible. He takes things literally from the bible and picks on few funny things! He is an atheist so forgive him lord, but he does charity so as long as he is doing something good who cares! Brilliant chap Ricky! Also, do watch … More The Bible


Kanan Gill has an interesting take on life. I feel more people should be chilled out like him and not argue on stupid things.The world would be a better place if everyone kept their stupid opinions to themselves and is basically just nice to everyone. Too much to wish for? I know. 

Bungee Jumping

Abish Matthew talks about his experience doing bungee jumping. Sounds like a fun thing to try out, eh? Also, I have noticed many Indians try to impress foreign girls. I get too scared to even talk to them. They are too pretty. 


My favourite Indian comedian Kenny talks about people who smoke weed. His description of them rolling the joint is hilarious. People thought he is a stoner, to be honest even I thought so. But turns out he doesn’t smoke. Word of advice, don’t smoke up.


Reem Edan talks about the misconceptions regarding Muslims. Also inside view about what happens in their families in a comic way. I am sure many wonder about it. Well watch this video and learn about new cultures. 

The talk

Daniel Sloss tells us about “the talk” with his dad.  Most hilarious misunderstanding ever! The most awkward thing, learning about bees and the birds. Imagine if this ever happened to you!

Good going Pete

Check out this 17 year old kid do stand up comedy. He talks about those typical facebook posts. You know, the one where you have to like it or something bad will happen to you. It usually has a pic of Jesus or a veteran or a kid or something else that everyone loves. I … More Good going Pete